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잠깐 멈춰봐 시간 많잖아
내일도 있잖아 그녀를 내려줘 아님 나도 태워줘
하루만 한 시간만 딱 일 분만 한마디만 하게

잠깐 멈춰봐

© Zi

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{Sooyeon Sheets} Okay?Okay.

Both hardship and happiness, they are the reward from life. Today’s difficulties, it is hope for tommorow.

A Korean Cassiopia said this one of those article about Kris.

 “We lost that game, so you guys have to win. We couldn’t keep our 5 members staying together. So you guys, fight for the 12, don’t let SM separate them and never loose your hope. I wish all the best for you guys and the 12 members.”

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